Dining at Väkst in Copenhagen

The food in Copenhagen was spectacular. I didn’t know what to expect from Danish cuisine, so I was surprised when I enjoyed every meal I had. My favorite dining experience during my visit was at Väkst.

I came across this restaurant while searching online on Yelp and TripAdvisor. The greenhouse decor immediately caught my eye. I knew I had to dine there.


I went onto their website to check out the menu and make reservations. The menu changes monthly based on seasonal items and what’s available to the chefs. They offer set courses for lunch and dinner or you can order the items a la carte. You can also choose their wine pairing option. I made a reservation for lunch (served daily from 12:00-3:00pm) for the day I arrived to Copenhagen.

Väkst was actually my very first stop upon my arrival into the city. I got off at the Nørreport Station from the airport and this restaurant was just a short walk from the station. When I walked up to the adorable entrance, I knew I made the right decision to eat there.


I was greeted so kindly at the door and shown to my table right away. While the restaurant wasn’t full, I’d still suggest to make a reservation to secure a spot. I was handed the menu, which I looked at for about 10 seconds. I knew I’d go with the lunch course (bread, entree, and dessert) paired with a glass of red wine.

The bread came out and you could instantly tell that it was made fresh in house. Served on a pile of grains for that rustic look. They also provided butter that is churned and prepared daily.


Next up was the lunch entree: Pork breast from Grambogaard with pork crackling & organic white cabbage. I thought that was all that was going to be coming out, but there was also a side dish prepared. Fresh greens atop pureed potatoes. The items all went so well together. The taste, the textures. It was pure perfection. The pork was juicy and full of flavor while the pork cracklings added that wonderful crisp. My mouth is literally watering while writing this. Basically torture to go through these photos again.


Look at how perfect that set up is!! Oh, but then it got better. Dessert come out, which is of course my favorite part of any meal. Put in front of me was pear sorbet & verbena with white chocolate mousse & herbal chocolate. The fresh herbs made this dessert feel guilt free. It gave the perfect balance to the sweetness from the white chocolate. I could have eaten a whole bowl of this concoction.


After I was done with my meal, I decided to take a little tour around the restaurant. I had lunch on the main floor, but there was a whole other world downstairs. Everything was set up so beautifully!



Alas, it was time for me to leave Väkst and explore the rest of Copenhagen. I’m so happy I came across this restaurant. I encourage all visitors to check it out! It was a great start to my trip. I love that the menu changes, so I know that during my next visit to Copenhagen I can come back and have something different prepared for me.


Sankt Peders Stræde 34
1453 København K
+45 3841 2727

Open daily
Monday-Saturday: 12:00PM-12:00AM
Sunday: 5:30PM-12:00AM
(Kitchen Closes at 10:00PM)


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