Hi everyone! Let me tell you a little about myself and why I decided to start this blog. First off, my name is Jenn, but basically everyone calls me Bunny. Even some of my friend’s parents forgot that my real name is Jenn! There are a few reasons why I got pinned with this nickname. First off, I was told that if bunnies could talk then they’d probably sound like me. Think…a super cheery, high pitched, semi annoying voice. Second, I have way too much energy as I am always bouncing around from one event to another. I could fall asleep after a night of partying at 3AM and wake up at 7AM to go for a run. And lastly, I mean who doesn’t love bunnies? Ok yes, I made up that reason myself, but I like to think that everyone loves me like they do with cute little bunnies.

Ok, so why the travel blog? Well, I started off with a travel vlog in order to show everyone my adventures. While, I do love the vlog and being able to share with others a play by play of what I’m doing and seeing on my trips…I realized that it wasn’t enough. I want everyone to know the details of my travel adventures and help you get ideas and inspiration for your next trip. With a blog, I can really describe the negatives and positives of each destination, the best places to eat, the adventures you can’t miss out, and the costs associated with my travels!

My goal is to help and inspire those who have always wanted to travel the world, but found themselves making excuses as to why they couldn’t or shouldn’t. The feeling of traveling and exploring a new culture, landscape, or cuisine is nearly indescribable. All it takes is a little push of encouragement to get you started and I will assure you that it’ll be worth it. So, go on and let’s fulfill that wanderlust that we all carry.