Hi everyone! My name is Jenn, but you can call me bunny. Aside from my bunny-like high pitched cheery voice, I also have the energy of a bunny hopping around place to place with no signs of jet lag.

Welcome to my travel blog, where you can find every detail of my adventures in order to help you gain ideas and inspiration for your next trip. In this blog, I describe the negatives and positives of each destination, the best places to eat, the adventures you can’t miss out, and the costs associated with my travels!

My goal is to help and inspire those who have always wanted to travel the world, but found themselves making excuses as to why they couldn’t or shouldn’t. A common excuse I often hear is that you can’t travel often while having a corporate career. There are countless stories about people quitting their job to travel full time and while that sounds amazing, it’s not always feasible. I love my job as an accountant, but I also love to travel so I found a way to do both and I want others to be able to do the same. The feeling of traveling and exploring a new culture, landscape, or cuisine is nearly indescribable. All it takes is a little push of encouragement to get you started and I will assure you that it’ll be worth it. So, go on and let’s fulfill that wanderlust that we all carry.