We all make bucket lists. Whether it’s things to achieve before we die or places to visit. There’s something about making a list and crossing items off that is oh so satisfying. So, I thought it’d be a great idea to share with you guys my travel bucket list! I will definitely be adding more items as I am discovering new adventures every day. It truly is never ending because this world is full of amazing experiences.

When I cross off an item, I’ll go into detail on a separate post. Those can be found under the drop down section of this page located on the menu bar. So follow me on this journey as I work to achieve every single item on my list. And be sure to share with me your list too! I hope that some of the items below will inspire you to take on a travel goal that you maybe never thought about.

  1. Attend a game in every NFL Stadium
  2. Eat ramen in Japan
  3. Visit and hike the fjords in Norway
  4. Witness the goat tree in Morocco
  5. Ski in the Swiss Alps
  6. Vacation in the Maldives
  7. Stay in a hut over clear waters
  8. Bungee jump in New Zealand
  9. Walk the Great Wall of China
  10. Hike Machu Picchu
  11. Order tapas in Barcelona
  12. Indulge in street food in Seoul
  13. Drink Guinness in Ireland
  14. Swim in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon
  15. See a kangaroo in Australia
  16. Visit Greenland
  17. Attend Coachella 
  18. See an active volcano
  19. Swing at the edge of the world in Banos, Ecuador
  20. Take an epic picture at the salt flats in Bolivia
  21. Hike as many trails as possible
  22. Chase the Northern Lights 
  23. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia
  24. Visit the Grand Canyon
  25. Hike and camp at Havasupai Falls
  26. See the “New” Seven Wonders of the World
  27. Drink coffee in a themed cafe in Seoul
  28. Eat a French macaron by the Eiffel Tower
  29. Take part in Yacht Week in Croatia
  30. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany