How to Travel for Cheap

Be Flexible! This is the key to booking great deals. I travel to different countries at a cheap price because I keep my options open. Keeping your dates flexible is also important, but even if they aren’t you can still find a great flight deal if you aren’t set on a certain destination.

Deals are posted almost daily from large airports (Washington, DC has 3 options so I come across plenty of deals). Maybe I never considered visiting Sweden anytime soon, but if a fare is less than $400 RT then how can I pass it up?! I’ll more than likely end up loving it and even if it ends up not being the best trip ever, at least I can say that I’ve been and explored a new area. Don’t knock it til you try it.


  • Book a hostel during solo trips for a cheap stay and to meet new people
    • Hostelworld is a great resource
  • Couchsurfing
  • Airbnb
  • HotelTonight app – hotels offer discounted rates if booked at last minute in order to fill up space
  • Priceline’s “Name your own price tool” – this option is perfect if you’re traveling with just one other person and don’t mind sharing a bed
  • Always search for hotels right outside of the city center – if the area is safe and near public transportation, it may be a great way to save money!

Searching/Booking Tips

  • Always search for flights while incognito (InPrivate browsing)
  • Clear your cookies/history/etc.
  • Do not wait last minute to book a flight! If you see a low price – purchase right away because chances are they’ll go up instead of down
  • A good time frame to book is 3-4 months prior to departure date
    • For holiday travels, start searching even sooner
  • Don’t hesitate!!! If I see a deal, I snag it right away. Don’t second guess yourself. Just do it – odds are you won’t regret it.
  • Remember that most airlines offer a 24 hour cancellation – so if you see a deal, but you’re not 100% certain you can go…just book it and cancel within 24 hours if you change your mind

Credit Card

  • Get a rewards credit card!
    • Chase Preferred Sapphire is my personal favorite
    • Airline credit cards
    • Hotel credit cards
    • Take advantage of initial bonus


  • Ask locals for their recommendations
  • Go off the beaten path and avoid tourist traps
  • Stay in an Airbnb or hotel with a kitchen in order to purchase groceries and cook

Sites to Follow/Use

  • Travelzoo
  • Google Flights
    • ITA Matrix Software
  • Skyscanner
  • Momondo
    • Note: Skyscanner and Momondo shows flight prices from other 3rd party websites: Always research these sites to find out how reliable they are. Don’t get scammed!

Apps to Download

  • Hopper
  • Kayak
  • Hotel Tonight