Switzerland Tour: Lucerne & Mt. Titlis

You simply cannot go to Switzerland and not visit the Swiss Alps. There are beautiful mountains and ski towns all over this amazing country. Since I was only there for 3 nights, I had to research towns that were close to Zurich and accessible by tour. I discovered a packaged tour that included a visit to the charming town of Lucerne and the beautiful sights of Mt. Titlis.

Tour Information

Company: Best of Switzerland Tours
Tour Name: Titlis – Eternal Snow & Glacier
Cost: 159 CHF
Includes: Roundtrip transportation, self guided tour of Lucerne, cable car access to Mt. Titlis, activities on the mountain (Ice Flyer, Cliff Walk, Glacier Cave)


I fell in love with the compact city of Lucerne during my short stop on this tour. Known for it’s medieval architecture and views of Lake Lucerne, this city is a must visit in Switzerland. Although most of the shops were closed due to the holiday, I was still able to take in the gorgeous sights and appreciate its scenic charm.

My friend, Kelli, and I were able to find a small restaurant to get a bite to eat along with a cup of coffee. Simply delicious and the perfect ending to our visit to Lucerne.

Mt. Titlis

We were given ample time at Mt. Titlis to explore everything it had to offer. We were given our cable car/lift tickets shortly after getting off the bus. From there we were on our own for a few hours until it was time to meet up with the group to head back to Zurich.

Our first stop was the glacier cave. This cave sculpted by ice was pretty neat to see although a bit small and crowded. Definitely walk slowly through this part as the floors are quite slippery.

Then we headed outside to see the breathtaking views of the mountains. A small suspension bridge was available to walk across. I’m a thrill seeker, so I kind of hoped that the bridge would be longer and higher up. Nonetheless, it was still a cool experience!


After snapping some pictures, Kelli and I headed to the café for a quick bite. To my surprise, they offered Mama Tom Yum instant noodles! They’re seriously my favorite noodles of all time. We were able to enjoy our soup outside while watching snowboarders head down the trail.

We made our way back down the mountain to hop on the bus back to Zurich. But, of course we had to stop by the bar to warm up a bit.

It was pretty surreal that we were there in the Swiss Alps. I’m not a snowboarder/skier, so I was pleased that there were tours available to check out the mountains without having to risk tumbling down it.

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